What They Say

2020 Top-Performing Lobbying Firm
"Sean Joyce is Virgin Hyperloop’s trusted advisor in Washington, DC. Sean and the Atlas Crossing team not only have helped position our company as a trailblazer in emerging technology in DC, but they have done so with a dynamic advocacy plan in short order. Whether preparing witnesses to testify before Congress, planning large-scale press and media events, or turning policy concepts into law, the Atlas Crossing team helps design and execute our advocacy strategy to achieve the desired results."


Co-founder and CEO, Virgin Hyperloop
"If you want to understand what is happening behind the scenes in Washington, look no further than Sean Joyce and the Atlas Crossing team. Whether providing strategic intelligence, counseling our advocacy efforts, or executing an action plan- Atlas Crossing is a valued ally of US Travel."


Executive Vice President, Public Affairs and Policy, US Travel Association
"Sean Joyce and Atlas Crossing were recommended to us two years ago, and I could not be happier with the services their team continues to provide. If not for their steadfast advocacy on our behalf in Washington, not only our company, but an entire sector of our industry might literally be gone in the United States. Atlas Crossing hustles and fights for us on a daily basis, and we are proud to call them part of our team."


CEO and Co-Founder, Southern Airways Express
"Policy… and campaigns, Joyce does it all and he’s getting noticed."


"Atlas Crossing is well known for their coalition management. Their organization, and ability to take on the tough issues is established both on The Hill and with the Administration. As a member of many coalitions, our work with the S.H.I.P Coalition, which is run by Sean and the Atlas Crossing team, is one of the best in town"


Director Government Relations, Tyson Foods, Inc.
"Sean possesses deep knowledge of how to navigate the legislative process in Washington. Sean’s substantive political, communications, and legislative experience, coupled with his network and relationships…get the job done."


Ranking Member of the House Financial Services Committee
"Sean’s unique understanding of the levers and brakes on Capitol Hill comes from hard-earned experience. As a relentless advocate, he does not shy away from tough fights."


Chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee
"S.H.I.P Coalition has been a terrific partner to help PepsiCo advance our sustainability efforts by gaining support to re-think gross vehicle weight limits in the US via safe alternatives founded on practical methods across the globe. PepsiCo expressed our views on this subject to a congressional sub-committee and the SHIP coalition played a pivotal role to insure our message was heard with key stakeholders."


Vice President Supply Chain, PepsiCo 
(Board Member of the SHIP Coalition run by Atlas Crossing)
"Sean Joyce was Shuster's saber-tooth tiger"


Former Congressional Candidate

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Atlas Crossing is a bipartisan Public Affairs and Strategic Communications firm with a proven track record of turning policy ideas into legislation, and law. Whether you are adding fire-power to your Washington team, building out your first public affairs campaign, or coalition management- our team stands ready to assist.
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