What We Do

Our mission at Atlas Crossing is to identify risks and create opportunities by providing strategic counsel to our clients. Our savvy, bipartisan team possesses extensive experience crafting policy campaigns and merging them with robust communications programs and political outreach. 
We specialize in building coalitions from the ground up, both inside and outside of government, and have a proven track record of turning policy ideas into legislation, regulation, and law. As an organization that helps both startups and Fortune 500 companies alike, we have made our mark in Washington, taking on some of the biggest issue-based challenges, and delivered.
You won’t find a team that works as hard as we do, and our deep network of relationships at all levels of Congress and the Administration enables us to turn those efforts into meaningful wins on behalf of our clients.


“If not for Atlas Crossing’s steadfast advocacy on our behalf in Washington, not only our company, but an entire sector of our industry might literally be gone in the United States.” Stan Little, CEO, Southern Airways Express 
- Advise start-ups, non-profits, and Fortune 50 companies alike to build brand awareness in Washington, DC
- Assist in drafting white papers, external shareholder memos, policy proposals, legislative text, and comments for the agency rulemaking process 
- Manage all aspects of Congressional hearing witness prep, including background and murder-board sessions 
- Coordinate outreach to Members of Congress, Congressional committees, and senior legislative branch staff
- Oversee and augment White House and Administration outreach strategy


“Sean’s substantive political, communications, and legislative experience, coupled with his network and relationships…get the job done” Congressman Patrick McHenry, Chairman, House Financial Services Committee
- Battle tested in crisis communications
- Provide real-time counsel, mitigating high-profile national stories
- Content creation and placement through various mediums, including traditional, digital, and social media outlets, and paid and unpaid media
- Plan, organize, and build out congressional staff briefings, press conferences, and industry demo day events on Capitol Hill
- Raise client profiles through a variety of industry, trade show, and speaking opportunities 


"Atlas Crossing is well known for their coalition management...one of the best in town." - Ruth Bradley, Senior Manager, Government Affairs, Tyson Foods, Inc.  
- Manage large industry coalitions and associations, overseeing and advising on all legislative strategy, political, and logistical operations
- Build effective and impactful coalitions both inside and outside of government
- Advise candidate and issue-based advocacy campaigns on political opportunities and threats
- Provide in-depth monitoring and resources to manage an impactful regulatory strategy


“If you want to understand what is happening behind the scenes in Washington, look no further than Sean Joyce and the Atlas Crossing team.” Tori Barnes, Executive Vice President, Public Affairs and Policy, US Travel Association
- Identify executive branch, regulatory, and legislative tools to impact the ever-changing political landscape
- Provide actionable intelligence for clients to identify business opportunities and mitigate risk
- Real-time monitoring and dissemination of guidance on legislation, executive orders, and the agency rulemaking process, and how it will impact industry's bottom line


“a terrific partner to help PepsiCo advance our sustainability efforts … PepsiCo expressed our views on this subject to a congressional sub-committee and the Shippers Coalition played a pivotal role to insure our message was head with key stakeholders.” Doug Miller, Vice President, Supply Chain, PepsiCo (Board Member of the Shippers Coalition run by Atlas Crossing)
- Design, plan, and host industry events, demo days, Congressional briefings, press conferences, CODELs, and STAFFDELs
- Provide C-suite leadership and board briefings, including insights on the inner workings of Washington and the political state-of-play
- Plan and organize Washington fly-ins and salon dinners with government officials and C-suite executives
- Generate and oversee internal Red Team/Blue Team exercises


We'd love to work with you.


We are here for you

Atlas Crossing is a bipartisan Public Affairs and Strategic Communications firm with a proven track record of turning policy ideas into legislation, and law. Whether you are adding fire-power to your Washington team, building out your first public affairs campaign, or coalition management- our team stands ready to assist.
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